How happy is this guy?

Today was the STH Appreciation Day for the Timbers.  Ryan got LOTS of signatures, including Jack Jewsbury and Darlington Nagbe (more pictures to follow). He was like a kid in a candy store.… Continue reading

Meet Penny!

Today, I had an impulse purchase — a Meyer lemon tree named Penny.

Oh, summer… so close!

Sir Paul with sparkling lemonade and Mt. Hood strawberries.  Lovely.

Another perspective on the same theme.

Gross or awesome?

This photo is part of a game called “Gross or Awesome?” Don’t know what it is?  These are Citra hops after they’ve been soaking in an IPA during secondary fermentation for about two… Continue reading

On Ray Bradbury

One of my favorite authors died yesterday.  I wanted to post about his death yesterday, but when you lose someone close to you, it can take you a little while to put your… Continue reading

That ice cream from yesterday’s post…?

Aw, yeah!


I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on the idea of choices.  I started mulling over this idea when my husband cut these roses off the rosebush in the front yard.  We have two… Continue reading


Waiting for the starlight parade to start.

No fun story today, except to say that I had a great weekend taking some time to hang out with friends.  Don’t worry, there was also LOTS of grading, but everyone needs some… Continue reading

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