Twist on a standard.

I have a barbeque potluck lunch to go to tomorrow.  Potlucks are one of my favorite things: I LOVE baking for people and this is a great opportunity.

So then I proceeded to have a conversation with my brain:

Me: Brain!  This is exciting!  What should we make?!
Brain: Something tasty!  Like, oh, those cookies!  We’ve wanted to try them!
Me: Yeah the cookies!
Brain: Except, you know, it’s supposed to be VERY hot out.  So, that means no buttercream.
Me: Brain, we’ve talked about this.  What’s the point of those cookies if there’s no buttercream?!
Brain: Point made.  Maybe rice krispie treats?
Me: Yes.  But, let’s make them better.

So I did THIS:

You: Are those Reese’s peanut butter cups?!
Me: Not only yes, but heck yes.

Friends, they are amazing.  It’s simple: make rice krispie  treats and only put half of them in the pan.  Add Reese’s.  Put the rest of the rice krispies on top.


When it’s not a thousand degrees, I’m going to make those cookies.