Timber Joey! (And some more cheating.)

Okay, it’s kind of cheating.  I didn’t take this photo.  In fact, I’m *in* this photo!

Before you get all, “But you’re supposed to TAKE the photos, silly!  That’s the whole point!” let me explain.  Today was a Carnival Day (it’s not called that, but bear with me) at work.  It was one of the better Carnival Days that we’ve had.  The kids were mostly well-behaved and the talent show was amazing!

My job for a lot of these assemblies and things is to take pictures (which I love doing).  So, I took about 300 photos today.  Problem is, since the kids are the subjects of the photos, I can’t use them on my blog.

Anyway, at the end of the assembly, they said that Timber Joey (the mascot for the Portland Timbers, our MLS team) was going to come out and do the drawing for the Timbers tickets that we raffled off to the students.  The kids who won were truly deserving and I think everyone was touched.

And then my husband, who is a HUGE Timbers fan, said that he was going to meet Timber Joey.  And I said, “Well, why don’t we get a picture?”  So I’m posting the one photo of today that I can post (but, trust me, there are LOTS that I took!).

Boom.  🙂